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This documentation site will assist you in setting up and using QAssist. Below you can find some terminology that QAssist uses in the app and in the documentation.



A machine is exactly what it is, it covers either a physical, virtual or an on-demand machine, that are either managed by you or by QAssist. Learn more.


A bridge is a piece of software that allows the QAssist web app to communicate with your configured machines. We provide public bridges that you are free to use, or you can setup your own.

The bridge is provided as a docker container.


A provider is another name for a cloud provider, such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, that QAssist can use to provision and manage machines on-demand, on your behalf. Learn more.


A credential is a way to login to a machine on QAssist. This can be through either Username/Password, Private Key or Password Only authentication, depending on the protocol.